An exciting destination for the whole family

The Swabian town of Giengen an der Brenz is known as the home and birthplace of the teddy bear. Friends of the cuddly toys with the "button in the ear" can experience their favorites there in a very special way: For the 125th company anniversary of Margarete Steiff GmbH in 2005, the Steiff Museum, an adventure world for the whole family, opened here. More than 2,000 Steiff animals find a new home here on a total area of ​​2,400 square meters. Spread over three levels, the history of the Steiff teddy bear and the company is staged in a rich and informative way and is a fascinating experience for children as well as for adults and collectors.
Visitors can choose to travel in German, English or Japanese with the [teddy bear "KNOPF" and his girlfriend "Frieda" on an interactive 22-minute tour of the planet Plush. There they take part in an adventurous search for 3,000 teddy bears that have disappeared without a trace. An American ordered 3,000 copies of the plush journeyman in 1902 and thus helped the Steiff company to make a breakthrough. But it looks like the teddy bears have disappeared on the trip. Where to? Once the visitors have found out, they can delve deeper into the 130-year history of Margarete Steiff GmbH and get to know the unique variety of products. At the show production facility specially set up for the museum, you will experience how an original Steiff animal is created step by step with elaborate manual work and with great attention to detail. The Steiff Museum is complemented by the largest Steiff shop in the world and the Bistro Knopf with 70 seats. In addition, numerous events take place throughout the year, such as the Steiff Summer or the Steiff Christmas Market.

Steiff Konpf in the ear

In the idyllic Swabian Donaumoos, about 20 km east of Ulm, thinks on the A8,
find our farm. It is an approximately 80 ha agricultural mixed farm.
We are the fourth generation to manage them.

In addition to conventional agriculture and bull fattening, we laid the foundation for today's ostrich breeding on our farm in April 1993 with two ostrich breeding pairs. In the course of time we restructured our company into a pure ostrich farm. With approx. 400-500 chicks and young ostriches, as well as approx. 30 breeding ostriches, we are one of the largest ostrich farms in Germany.
All our ostriches are born on our farm, in spacious enclosures, with juicy - fresh green forage and correspondingly spacious, bright, clean stables. We only feed our animals our own products, i.e. Grass, corn, cereals and broad beans. It goes without saying that all of our feeds are of animal origin without the addition of antibiotics, performance enhancers and protein components.

You can get more information about our farm and our work on a guided tour.

Ostrich farm Donaumoss

Since the beginning of civilization, man has been fascinated by the hunters of the air - the birds of prey and owls. They appear in the early works of art and some species have been trained for hunting for over 4000 years. In some cultures, birds of prey are also worshiped as "gods", "saints" or "knowledge bearers" because of their enormous eyesight, their insight and their hunting behavior. There are approximately 290 species of birds of prey. However, an exact number cannot be given, as some researchers do not agree whether a population should be given species status or should only be classified as a breed. Today, the number is declining in many parts of the world due to the destruction of their habitat, poisoning of the environment and persecution by humans. This is tragic, not only because of the beautiful sight of these animals, but also because they are important, especially natural pest control agents. The aim of our park is also to awaken our visitors' fascination for these animals through “close-up experience” and well-founded information and to convey the importance of preserving nature in this way.

Gryphon breeding