Attention heroes! LEGOLAND® Germany in Günzburg, Bavaria, offers exciting adventure trips. Eight themed areas with over 50 attractions, shows, workshops and fascinating models made from over 50 million LEGO® bricks make LEGOLAND Germany a perfect short trip destination for the whole family.
It will be galactic from June 2011 in the new STAR WARS ™ area in MINILAND. In the new indoor underwater world, over 2,000 fish live together with models made from over a million LEGO® bricks.
Come with us on an exciting journey on the seabed to the sunken city of Atlantis. You will encounter sharks, rays and other tropical fish. The brave come particularly close to the sea creatures in the eight-meter-long glass tunnel.

In 2012 you can experience pine cone fish, deep sea woodlice and crayfish up close in the exhibition Deep Sea Adventure.
Tame the wild fire dragon and then hurtle at 60 km / h on the outer route, explore sharks and rays in the underwater world LEGOLAND ATLANTIS by SEA LIFE as deep sea explorers and discover wild animals in the jungle X-pedition and plunge down the twelve meter high waterfall - where the journey is going is determined by everyone.
In the 2011 season, guests at ATLANTIS can admire spiny lionfish and mysterious ghost moray eels up close.
In addition, the adventure ride attraction BIONICLEä Power Builder is presented in a new guise:
In the HERO FACTORY, named after the LEGO product line of the same name, small and large
Let visitors whirl through the air in passenger robots.