Day guests info

Letter information for day visitors (2015)

Campsite rules

We welcome you to our beautiful campsite at Silver Lake

warmly welcome you and wish you a pleasant stay.

We would like to inform you about a few important things. For further inquiries we are very happy to help.

By entering the campsite all users and visitors recognize the following campsite regulations and agree to comply with it.

Any violation of the campsite rules with sanctions, to be expected to for immediate dismissal.


  1. House Rules

The campers Silver eV practice by the Management Board, groundskeeper or commissioned

Persons domestic authority. This entitled the to the campsite

resident persons to give instructions to refuse the admission of persons to refer or guests from space, if in violation of the campsite rules

seems necessary. In case of improper use of the campsite facilities can be charged separate fees.


  1. Arrival / Registration

Camping on the campsite of camping enthusiasts is Silver Lake eV only after Registration in the office or at the groundskeeper by presenting valid identity documents allowed.

You can check in 8-12 clock and 15-18 clock. Should it

even not work, you can use our daily guest services on tel. 0174 738 7225 reach.

Motor vehicles of any kind may only after registration at the reception on the

Place to be driven.

For Caravans and gas equipment valid Prüfabnahmen must be and be seen in. The inspection document must be presented at registration. Without this valid Prüfabnahmebeleg camp at our place is not permitted.


By signing the registration form, the user closes the

Camping Silver Lake club friends eV from a binding license agreement.

The expected length of stay must be notified on arrival. An early departure is possible only if is paid for the entire duration of stay indicated.

An extension of stay must be timely in the office or at the groundsman be registered. For actual usage charged according to

the publicly attached usage fee schedule. The allocation of the parking space and

the power connector carried by the groundskeeper. The instructions and orders of the

Place warden must be followed.


3.Children and adolescents

Persons under 16 years can only be registered if they are accompanied by a

Supervisory Agent, adult are.



Reservations can be made by phone via the Internet or.


  1. departure

On departure of the campsite until 11:00 clock must be left, otherwise,

In addition, a half Übernachtungstag calculated. When leaving the office or at the groundsman must be consulted for the purpose of cancellation and return of keys or other objects on loan. The site is cleaned to leave.

Early departures have not responsible for the operators are already paid

Usage charges non-refundable.


  1. showers and sanitary facilities

Guests receive 2 keys must be stored for every 20 € deposit. a

Key is for the toilet block, the garbage room and the chemical toilet. the second

Key (machine code) is exclusively for showering. Plug this

Key in the shower machines in the shower. If you follow the key once turn right and back again, you get a shower time of 2 min.

Please turn off the tap after showering again. The key can shower be recharged when groundskeeper.


  1. waste

We are very environmentally conscious and thus have a strict waste separation. we have a container for any glass. All colors and types of glass are in this

Containers are thrown. Another container for cans and tinplate and a

Containers for paper and cardboard. Organic waste is thrown into the brown bin in the garbage room.

Food packaging made of plastic and foil belong to the "yellow bag" in

Garbage room. What still remains is in the black container in the garbage room be disposed of.


  1. Water and Wastewater

Freshwater may at any time at the water points on the court or

be brought to the flushers. Water for the kids to play can be taken indefinitely to the pumping wells. Wastewater must in the sewers.

Chemical toilets may only be emptied at the sanitary building space provided.

Please empty no rinsing water or dirty water in the meadows or hedges. The next guest will be nice have you with us.


  1. rest periods

We enjoy camping and the rest.

Lunch daily from 12:00 - 14.00 Clock

Sleep daily from 23.00 - 8.00 clock

Please keep in mind that we also have small sleeping children in our place.


  1. Barbecues

Grilling is allowed in a designated container. Please avoid high

Flames and sparks.


  1. fire

Open fires are prohibited on the entire campsite. To this end, we have a

Barbecue on our playground, which you can very much use.


  1. electricity

Caravans and motorhomes are settled with a calibrated electricity meter. the

KW costs € 0.60. Tents receive a power supply if necessary. This is a flat rate of

€ 2, - per day.

Cables and electrical devices must be in perfect technical condition are and the VDE - meet regulations. Otherwise can not connect to the Conditioning of the camp take place.


  1. refrigerators

We have refrigerators for campers. The refrigerator space, you can at renting, with a well- defined keys that open. The use of a fridge costs € 2,00 per day. The refrigerators must be cleaned damp before departure. Please leave the refrigerator clean, the next guests and we will be grateful.


  1. Washer and Dryer

We have a washer and dryer in the toilet block. the

Please use and prices of devices, refer to the information in

Laundry room. We ask you to treat the equipment with care.


15 House pets

Pets (dogs, cats, etc.) must be on a leash. The keeping of pets is only on the spaces allowed. The holder must ensure that the animals do not running around unattended in the campsite. Contamination by pets

at the campsite must be avoided or eliminated immediately. To perform the

Pets leave the campsite. Every pet owner has to take care,

that other campers are not disturbed. The keeping of livestock in the campsite is not allowed.


  1. Telephone

A telephone located in the service building. With this phone, you can be called back also. The phone number is on the phone.


17 Shopping around

There are many shopping facilities nearby. In Burgau see ALDI, LIDL,

Minimal, NET, NORMA, PLUS and many other shops. In Offingen EDEKA, PLUS, PENNY, and bakeries and butchers. The most obvious is supermarket

3km away from our campsite.


  1. Food and drink

Very good local and international restaurants are located in the vicinity.

Our days Gästebetreuung pleased to advise you. There is an Italian restaurant

Ice with us directly on the lake.


  1. Legoland

Unfortunately, there is no public transport from our campsite to the

Legoland. We are happy to organize a taxi, which approximately costs € 15,00 / ride. even

Greater taxis we can organize for you. Just ask for our

Daily guest services, we will gladly help you further


  1. Wireless

On ours, you can place via Wi-Fi to the Internet. Movies, music, etc. downloading forbidden, otherwise insufficient capacity. You can obtain the access data when groundskeeper.


21 Vehicle Traffic

The entire camping site must not faster than walking pace

be driven. This rule also applies for bicycles and similar type vehicles. In the rest periods ban is on the court.


22 loft toilet block

The attic with the playground equipment is at your disposal.

From 22 o'clock the balcony is to vacate and close the balcony door. The balcony can then still very low, for example to smoking, are used. Skylight towards

Campsite must be kept closed after 22 o'clock.


  1. Playground

The playground is at your disposal, the use is at your own risk and parents

responsible for their children. Damages and / or any damage must be reported immediately to the

To report groundskeeper.


  1. Bathing and swimming

Please go gently into the water - especially on hot days. Always keep in mind that they swim at their own risk.


  1. Liability

The campers Silver eV shall not be liable for lost objects

and not for damages which have been caused by natural events. Each campsite user is liable for him, his family and his

Visitors caused damage to the campground and its facilities, as well as

Camping facilities of other guests.


We wish you a pleasant stay and vacation.

For questions and suggestions we very hesitate on tel. 0151 1825 7620 to Available.

The managing committee

Caravanners Silver e.V.